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Culinary Arts

Every culture has its own fascinating and deeply significant connections to food and where it comes from. Each student brings not only this broad cultural influence, but also a familial cultural influence to school every day. Which is why our Culinary Arts program is a wonderful opportunity to unite academic curricula with each student's life experience through the most essential of cultural expressions, food. Students will also explore project-based learning experiences that focus on growing and preparing foods from around the world. Students will be presented with multiple opportunities each school day to interact in teams and individually in the garden and make real-world, personal connections to their learning.
At Glenfeliz, we implement culinary curriculum which teaches students to use the vegetables and fruits harvested directly from our garden to prepare and enjoy. We have formed and continue to build partnerships with parents and local businesses as partners in learning which allows for more opportunities for community support to enrich our horticulture and culinary curriculum. Our garden is certified with the Los Angeles Agriculture Department and that allows our students to harvest fruits and vegetables to local restaurants to use in their recipes. You may see a dish using Glenfeliz produce at a local restaurant!
Common Threads
We partner with Common Threads, a non-for-profit organization created by celebrity Chef Art Smith whose mission is to teach children how to cook healthy meals. And leading the students in the Glenfeliz kitchen is celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality, Chef Lovely Jackson. Chef Lovely is best known for her appearances on NBC’s “Food Fighters,” Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” and finalist on Season 9’s of Food Network’s “Food Network Star.” She is also a Lead Chef Instructor and Ambassador for Common Threads.  Chef Lovely has also been a Chef Ambassador for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move Campaign.” Her commitment to educating children in the culinary arts is one of Chef Lovely’s many passions.